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September 2015

Dear user,

We hope you had a wonderful summer, and that you took the chance to get out, enjoy the sun and recharge your batteries. Despite the summer break, times of change prevail; presenting us with challenges that directly impact the workforce and workplace. The term “Industry 4.0” is seeing increased use in connection with digital transformation of economic and labour markets. To address such emerging changes, we need flexible modelling approaches that allow us to include effects on the future workforce demand and to simulate their impact on our business.

At our annual Convention in November, you will learn about use cases and get the chance to share best practices on dynamic planning with other companies. Read the Community section to learn more about the upcoming Convention and go to the Technology section to get a Smia modelling tip.

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events. As a last minute reminder, the September 18th deadline for getting 25% “early bird” discount for the Convention is quickly approaching.

Today’s content

  • The 5th Dynaplan Convention on 11th of November 2015
  • HR and Controlling Practice Group meetings at ÖBB
  • Supporting SWP for SMEs in collaboration with DGFP
  • Dynaplan’s SWP solutions reaching Saudi Arabia
  • Tips and tricks: How can I distinguish between zero and empty in a table?

Your Dynaplan Team


“Planning for impact” at our 5th Dynaplan Convention at ÖBB in Vienna

As we have our annual Convention in November, we are happy to provide more insights on this year’s agenda:

The key value of planning is to create impact. In an interactive setting including all participants, we will discuss and identify important drivers for achieving the right impacts of your planning activities. Like every year, the market place and customer sessions will play prominent roles. Here you’ll get to know new solutions and approaches by different companies, e.g. Commerzbank, Evonik, Lufthansa, ÖBB, as well as results from our research & development projects together with the University of St. Gallen (Focus: Controlling) and the German Association for People Management (DGFP) focusing on workforce planning. At the end of the day, we will visit the new Vienna main station to experience state-of-the-art traffic controlling, and discuss the impact on job profiles.

For participants new to the field of Strategic Workforce Planning, we and our partner, Hay Group, provide an introductory workshop in the early morning on the day of the Convention.

For joining this event, please contact us or sign up on our website. Ending 18th of September, we offer a discount of 25% on the registration fee, so please hurry to make use of this offer.


Discuss best practices in our Practice Groups

Once again the Practice Groups will meet the day after the Convention (12th of November 2015). This exclusive circle of practitioners meets twice a year and discusses best practice approaches, as well as pitfalls and learnings in the area of HR and Controlling.

The main questions that will be discussed in the next HR Practice Group are: How to monitor HR measures and ensure their impact, how to use historical data, and how to document the process of Strategic Workforce Planning. In the Controlling Practice Group we will discuss new application areas for dynamic modelling, follow a project report from one participant, and define a training curriculum for a specific Smia training for controllers.

If you would like to join one of the Practice Groups, please sign up on our website or contact us via e-mail.


Supporting SWP for SME in collaboration with DGFP

Dynaplan supports a development project by the federal ministry of labour and social affairs (Germany) focusing on Strategic Workforce Planning in small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) with less than 250 employees. The project is lead by the German association for people management (DGFP). The goal is to strengthen the relevance of Strategic Workforce Planning for SMEs and design a lean process supported by technology to implement Strategic Workforce Planning at low cost and effort.

At our Convention you will learn more about this project.


Dynaplan's SWP solutions reaching Saudi Arabia

The HR challenges are not limited to Europe, and SWP is highly relevant in the mature and emerging markets. In partnership with Hay Group, we have started our first Strategic Workforce Planning project in Saudi Arabia. The project owner is the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA), who wants to tackle its mid- and long-term workforce challenges. We successfully applied our standardized HR library, which could be easily adapted to include regional requirements.


Tips & tricks: How can I distinguish between zero and empty in a table?

Zero and empty are in most cases conceptually the same in Smia. However we can use conditional formatting to distinguish the two.

Right-click in a value cell in your table and select “Properties”. In the properties dialog, click on “Edit conditional format”. You can solve your problem in two ways:

  1. Add “Format based on special values”. Select “Empty value” as the “Condition”. This is the default.
  2. Add “Format based on value of expression”, and specify “Condition” like this: “isempty(cell)”

Both of these methods allow you to highlight all cells with the value ‘empty’ in a table.

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