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Leading companies rely on Dynaplan’s unique analytics technology and proven scenario simulation methodology to manage risks and opportunities.

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A mind-booster for bringing clarity into even the most complex planning situations.

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Whether you work with strategic planning of your workforce or your business, our motivation is to be the invisible hand that makes your planning faster, less resource consuming, and more impactful.

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We are confident – and proud – that our experience, methods, and tools contribute to real improvements for our clients. Our customer promise is: we care.

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Planning for tomorrow

There is not just one valid forecast. On the contrary, decision making should not rely on one single prediction, but instead manage risks and opportunities supported by scenario planning. Utilizing our way of modelling with dynamic simulation, we have developed a generic approach to mastering complexity in many different areas.

Take a look at the value our skilled experts have engineered, and get up to speed by benefiting from our years of experience working with international clients.

Traditional budgeting processes are no longer sufficient to cover the volatility and uncertainty of today’s markets. Dynamic business planning allows you to simulate the effects of external drivers on your performance.

The process of dynamic
business planning

Explore the dynamics of your workforce, and identify the key challenges of today and tomorrow. Modify your assumptions of the key drivers, of your stock of employees, and most importantly, the demand.

All about strategic
workforce planning

Our health care systems will face many challenges in the coming years. See how simulations of the patient flow through a hospital can help you with planning and resource allocation.

health care planning
Dynaplan Smia represents a new modelling paradigm. It combines features of spreadsheets, presentation software, and simulation into an integrated modelling environment.

Smia is easy to use, but it is also a powerful tool, including object-oriented features, dynamic simulation, risk and uncertainty (Monte Carlo) analysis, optimisation, and sensitivity analysis.

The system automates the task of maintaining the links between visualisations, data, and equations. Smia ensures consistency while reducing the amount of manual work involved in building, maintaining, and validating models.

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Monica Klaas-Kütt
Monica Klaas-Kütt Strategy & Projects
Bayer AG
Thanks to Dynaplan’s flexible SWP solution we can model business specific drivers and share the insights easily with different stakeholders. The scenario simulation approach supports our people analytics toolbox at Bayer.
Dynaplans dynamic scenario simulation solution supports BMWs workforce planning worldwide.
Claudia de Andrés-Gayón
Claudia de Andrés-Gayón Head of HR Controlling, Employment Pool
Deutsche Bahn AG
For the first time we get systematic and group-wide consistent insights into the overall demographic risks of our workforce and can evaluate the necessary countermeasures.
Jürgen Hurst Senior Vice President Corporate HR
EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG
For the first time a practicable dynamic planning and simulation tool is available for strategic HR-Management which allows strategic oriented personnel planning and sustainable management of age and capacity risks.
Carmen Pithan
Carmen Pithan HR Strategy & Controlling
Evonik Industries AG
With Dynaplan models we have the possibility to use a common methodology company wide and yet deduct specific measures e.g. on regional, functional or unit level.
Dr Holger Zien
Dr Holger Zien Covestro
From the modeling point of view Smia has two outstanding features: The strong support of large models through submodels, components, and correct unit treatment and the ability to load data as well as metadata directly from SAP Business Warehouse. Even for comprehensive models the training period for new maintainers is astonishing short.
Dr Frank Haupenthal
Dr Frank Haupenthal Strategic workforce planning
Deutsche Lufthansa AG
We used to often ask ourselves: “Can we afford these jobs?” Today this is not sufficient anymore. We must rather ask ourselves: “Which and how many employees do we need to reach our ambitious business objectives and gain sustainable competitive advantages?” Specifically at this point the dynamic approaches of Dynaplan create added value.
Johannes Kolnes
Johannes Kolnes Special Consultant
Haukeland University Hospital
The Smia model did not just help us find today's bottlenecks, but also to see the likely future consequences when the patient flow is predicted to grow in volume and diversity.
Mag. (FH) Gabriel Kroisleitner
Mag. (FH) Gabriel Kroisleitner Strategic workforce planning
ÖBB-Holding AG
Dynaplan Smia is a perfect complement to our existing operational planning solution (SAP BW-IP) and allows more extensive investment decisions to support a timely manner regarding new requirements for the workforce demand.
Gernot Backhaus
Gernot Backhaus Head of HR Management
Techniker Krankenkasse
The cooperation with Dynaplan proved to be most constructive and goal-oriented in every phase of the project. In particular, the participation of the divisions in the increasingly important issue of long-term strategic workforce planning could be easily and comprehensively achieved, and the complex cause-and-effect relationships were adequately represented in the Smia planning model.
Frank Vonderlind
Frank Vonderlind Leiter HR Strategy & Research
Dynaplan combines consistent methodology with a powerful planning tool and a strong customer focus. As a result, there is a clear added value to strategic workforce planning, and HR is strengthened as a business partner.
Christian Prange
Christian Prange Senior HR-Controller HR-Strategie/HR-Analytics
REWE Group
Dynaplan Smia is the “swiss army knife” of strategic scenario planning. The high degree of flexibility allows a very specific modelling according to the company’s needs and elaborate tailor-made solutions to the HR challenges ahead.

HR Practice Group

HR Practice Group

HR Practice Group

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  • Where: Evonik Industries AG, Essen
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Webinar Strategic workforce planning with DGFP

Webinar Strategic workforce planning with DGFP

Webinar Strategic workforce planning with DGFP

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Dynaplan participates at People Analytics World in London

Dynaplan participates at People Analytics World in London Past event

Dynaplan participates at People Analytics World in London

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  • Where: London
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Open position at Dynaplan as System Analyst

Open position at Dynaplan as System Analyst

Open position at Dynaplan as System Analyst

We are looking for a new System Analyst to strengthen our solution team. You will be responsible for executing client projects, including running workshops, building models and supporting our customers with strategic planning related to workforce and finance.

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Planning under uncertainty

Planning under uncertainty

Planning under uncertainty

In turbulent times of digitalisation and automation, what can strategic planners learn from Magnus Carlsen, who last week became the unofficial world champion in Chess960?

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Measures against Meltdown and Spectre

Measures against Meltdown and Spectre

Measures against Meltdown and Spectre

We could hardly believe it when the news broke 3 January 2018 that modern processors have design flaws that might be utilized by attackers to break the security of passwords and other sensitive data.

The flaws allow for attacks categorised as Meltdown and Spectre.

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Dynaplan – Dynamic planning

Armed with over 25 years of experience in the field of modelling and scenario planning, we have created an advanced and flexible tool for strategic business planning: Dynaplan Smia. Combined with our unique analytics technology, proven scenario simulation methodology and experienced analysts, we deliver state of the art solutions in such varied areas as health care planning, finance and controlling, and human resource management.

Dynaplan’s mission is to contribute to increased quality in strategic and operational planning. Within our solutions, customers can explore the future effect of today’s decisions to balance out risks and opportunities. Therefore we provide our customers with tailored models based on their realities and expertise. Both planners and decision makers are empowered by the software we provide, enabling data collection, scenario building, analysis, viewing results, and presentation all in the same tool.

Don’t leave the future to chance. Act today.

Yngve Mellingen
Yngve Mellingen


Kai Berendes
Kai Berendes

Executive partner

Magne Myrtveit
Magne Myrtveit

Chairman and executive partner

Our history and awards

Dynaplan is a privately owned company incorporated in Manger, Norway and St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Since its incorporation in 2004, Dynaplan has developed a sustainable customer base. In our strategic workforce planning solution, global players like BMW and Deutsche Bahn manage more than 1 million employees. Have a look at our testimonials to see more of our customers.

In 2008 we achieved AAA credit rating, which has been our rating every year since. In 2013 we were part of Deloitte’s Fast 50 list of the fastest growing technology companies in Norway. Also, Dynaplan was selected as a “cool vendor” (innovative, impactful and intriguing) by analyst Gartner in 2013. In March 2014, SAP certified Dynaplan’s interface to SAP/BW. Also in 2014, Dynaplan and Hay Group, now a part of Korn Ferry, entered a partnership on Strategic workforce planning. In 2016 Dynaplan proudly received the “Business Supercharger” award for our work in people analytics.

  • SAP Certified
  • “Cool vendor” award
  • People analytics award
  • Korn Ferry | Hay Group
Dynaplan is best represented by its innovative, dynamic and impactful business solutions, which are developed and customized by our highly skilled and motivated employees. If you enjoy working with state-of-the-art software and challenging international customers, Dynaplan might be the place for you. To strengthen our team, we are currently looking for a System Analyst. Please contact us if you want to learn more about Dynaplan and our open positions.

Dynaplan is sponsoring the European Master in System Dynamics (EMSD). The programme is specifically designed for students who are interested in learning how to initiate strategic change in organisations, supported by the use of computer simulation models. Take a closer look at the programme’s structure and curriculum here.

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