5th Dynaplan Convention - Planning for impact

Planning for impact

“Forecasting is difficult, especially about the future” (N. Bohr).

The best way to get a good forecast about the future is to start shaping the future yourself.

In HR the impact of digitization on the workforce is highly relevant. The flexibility of our modelling approach allows you to include future effects in the workforce demand, and give impact to your business.  

Agile planning: In controlling, the stakeholders can explore the scenarios by themselves at high speed, instead of reading another set of outdated static slides. 

We are happy to welcome you to the 5th annual Smia convention, this time at OEBB in Vienna.

Expand your knowledge about the concrete value of our solutions. Sit down with our clients and discuss how they use our solutions to show the impact of different options at the boardroom level. Join us in solving planning puzzles with strategic workforce planning, and balancing risks in controlling with dynamic business planning. Meet other Smia users in the field and share good practices. 


We welcome Smia users and business practitioners with strategic planning background in HR and controlling to join us. We will start at 10:00h.

 Incorporating contributions cross industries from Commerzbank (D), Lufthansa (D), Evonik (D) and others, we will cover the following topics together with you:

•Roundtables digitization on the workforce
•Multi user planning in controlling
•Marketplace (focussing on impact from scenario simulation)
•Use cases  for the  Smia  App
•Development outlook

At the marketplace you can share good Smia practices and exchange ideas with other users.

The development outlook will give you exclusive insights about our roadmap.

The conference language will be English (poster sessions and round table will run in German, too).



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Dr Kai Berendes

Dr Kai Berendes
Executive partner

Email: kai.berendes@dynaplan.com