8th Convention: Living the adventure

The best adventures are well planned

The theme of our gathering addresses the tension between planning and living.

We live and work inside a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. That’s a fact – and it makes life itself into an expedition – an adventure.

Although planning cannot take uncertainty out of the equation, it is our main tool for increasing the chance that the steps we make, bring us in the right direction.

Many workplaces undergo substantial changes driven by developments in technology, politics, and many other important areas. Now is the time to remodel our most important resource – our workforce – to meet its requirements not only for today, but also for tomorrow.

It is a pleasure to announce our next Dynaplan Convention, this year in Homberg Ohm at AOK Hessen on 13 November. Please reserve the date in your calendar!

  • When: 13 November 2018
  • Where: AOK Hessen, Homberg Ohm

Under the exciting theme Living the adventure, we will share and discuss the latest developments in strategic workforce management in the context of agile organizations, the interface to competence management, and people analytics.

This time we have moved the networking evening before the convention, allowing us to start earlier on Tuesday. Based on your feedback, we have reserved time for best practice sharing as well as a separate session for newcomers to the field. Thinking ahead, it fits well for a November convention to enjoy a winter barbecue, and to listen to useful hints from our host, AOK, about staying healthy for the winter that will be around the corner at that time.

Many thanks our host, AOK Hessen, who has used Dynaplan solutions for more than ten years and participated in all our Dynaplan conventions.

We hope to see you all already at our network event Monday evening, before the convention day.

Hotel allotment

Weiterbildungszentrum AOK Hessen

Lärchenweg 20
D - 35315 Homberg (Ohm)
+49 6633-9700

To reserve your room, please contact:

Rezeption AOK Bildungszentrum
Keyword: Dynaplan

If you would like to have Internet access in your room, please inform the hotel when booking.


600 EUR, including morning and afternoon refreshments as well as the the networking evening before the convention.

If you are a current client, we’re offering a discount of 25% for registrations received by 14 September.


No refunds will be provided for cancellation received after 15 October. Substitutions are possible at all times.


AOK Hessen – our sponsor
Thanks to AOK Hessen for facilitating the 8th Dynaplan convention.

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Dr Kai Berendes

Dr Kai Berendes
Executive partner

Email: kai.berendes@dynaplan.com