Strategic workforce planning as key factor for success

The ongoing digitalisation and automation of the working environment as well as the quickly evolving labor market lead to profound changes within most organisations. The profiles of the necessary qualifications change quickly, some activities become obsolete and even completely new professions emerge. Companies have to be more and more proactively engaged in finding and attracting the right workforce and shaping the available resources to match the future demand. Learn in this virtual classroom approach how strategic workforce planning can become a central pillar of mid- and long-term HR planning and what you need to get started right away.

The webinar is organized together with Haufe Akademie.

Virtual classroom with 2 group webinar sessions and a one-to-one tutoring session.

20 June 2022 – 29 June 2022

Online Webinar


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Dr Kai Berendes

Dr Kai Berendes
Executive partner