Best Paper Award Praxis

The Best Paper Award Praxis 2020 was granted to the authors of Driver based simulation in controlling at Infineon by the journal Controlling.

The paper describes how Infineon set up and uses Dynaplan’s dynamic business planning solutions to support the evolvement of controllers towards business partners. By using driver-based simulation models, efforts for generating aggregated financial predictions have been reduced, providing more time for value-adding activities.

The paper shows that driver-based simulation models serve as an efficient communication platform that supports a quick deduction of insights based on multiple scenarios and statistical uncertainty analysis. Hence, controllers are better able to evaluate the sensitivity of financial forecasts, thereby supporting them in their new role as sparring partners to decision makers. These qualities of driver-based simulation models ensure that companies can make smart decisions, especially in times of great uncertainty.

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Best Paper Award Praxis 2020
Best Paper Award Praxis 2020

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