Dynaplan Newsletter, September 2016

Dynaplan Newsletter

September 2016

Bringing steering assistance to management

- Usually, it takes me just over one hour to get from my house up to the skiing area in the mountains nearby. This time I struggled for six hours to get there. My brand new car looked like a wreck. With pearls of sweat dripping from my forehead, I woke up from my nightmare.

The car I had driven was the result of job rotation between engineering and controlling at my favourite car manufacturer. In front, a huge mirror was put for the driver to study the winding road behind. The instruments calculated trends and forecasts, assisting my steering.

Cross discipline exchange in real life breed insight and innovation. Modern cars are packed with forward-looking driver assistance technology. It is our ambition at Dynaplan to bring steering assistance to management.

With the upcoming releases of Dynaplan Smia and our next generation simulation cockpits, we have improved the engine, the design, and most of all: we are widening the front window for the business to study the future through completely redesigned cockpits.

Before summer Dynaplan received the People Analytics Award for our unique solutions. Our agile rolling forecast approach shortens the planning cycle, helps companies keep their scenarios up-to-date with the latest information, and gives management a solid basis for adjusting the steering wheel just right to stay on course also when business conditions change.

While being a superior strategic planning tool in a business-as-usual environment, Dynaplan’s approach proves even more valuable in times of change above normal. Migration, BREXIT, and a new, flexible pension policy in Germany will influence the future. It is time to review the premises of our plans, run our Smia scenarios, and evaluate the impact of exogenous effects on our business.

The entire Dynaplan team welcomes you to our convention at Deutsche Bahn in Berlin on 16 November, and to the practice groups for HR and controlling the next day. This time we will explore new ways of building the bridge between planner and decision maker. We will also discuss relevance and use of external data in strategic planning.

Dynaplan founder, Magne Myrtveit

Greetings from our founder,
Magne Myrtveit

Contents at a glance

Join our next Dynaplan Convention on 16 November, and the practice groups in HR and controlling the next day, in Berlin, at Deutsche Bahn.

Dynaplan receives the People Analytics Business Supercharger award 2016, and supports Omantel in developing a SWP model to answer key strategic questions.

Improved user interface in the latest version of the HR Library, and highlights of the upcoming Smia 1.4.1 release.

We wish you a nice and productive autumn. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Your Dynaplan team


Welcome to the 6th annual Dynaplan Convention – Supercharging your business

Join us in Berlin on 16 November to share new trends and good practices in the fields of HR and controlling at our annual convention, this time hosted by Deutsche Bahn.

The main topics on the agenda are:

  • An overview of external market data, and how it can be used to achieve a better outcome.
  • A hands-on session looking at how to increase the stakeholders’ engagement by involving them in live workforce simulations.
  • Best practices in the marketplace, with a focus on business impact (including contributions from Dutch Railways, Lufthansa and AOK).
  • Delivering robust SWP – our insights and learnings over the last five years.
  • A development outlook – how to go beyond analytics.

Along with our partners, KornFerry Hay Group, we’re running a pre-event workshop on how to be successful at strategic workforce planning.

Please find more details regarding the event, fee, and accommodations, as well as registration information, at dynaplan.com.

The event will be useful for anyone who wants to create value for their business with scenario simulation in the area of HR and controlling, including senior HR and business managers as well as practitioners with analytical focus.

As always, we run the practice groups in HR and controlling the day after the convention.

Let us meet in Berlin soon.

Practice groups and training 2016 – next meeting 17 November

In May 2016, HR experts met on the topic of Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) in Cologne at REWE Group. For the second time, REWE welcomed us warmly on their premises. One of the main subjects was the definition, delimitation, and communication of SWP. REWE Group impressively demonstrated what SWP reporting can look like. In addition, we talked about the objective, purpose, and use of shared models, exemplified by a case presented by the Lufthansa Group.

In the evening, we had the pleasure to visit a REWE owned winery to taste wines through various scenarios. We closed the evening with a typical “Kölsch dinner”.

The next meeting of both practice groups (HR and controlling) will be in parallel the day after the convention, 17 November. In the HR Practice Group we focus on topics such as scenario design, and integration of personnel costs. The controlling group will discuss and share concrete new use cases as well as the integration of simulation models in the controlling process.

We are looking forward to your participation on 17 November 2016 in Berlin at Deutsche Bahn.

You can register online on our homepage. As always, participation is free of charge when combined with your participation at the Dynaplan convention.

“Zukunft Personal” in Cologne, 18 October

Dynaplan supplies technology and know-how to the INQA project to provide SWP solutions for small and midsize companies. The results of this joint development project will be presented as part of the fair «Arbeiten 4.0 – Thementage der Initiative Neue Qualität der Arbeit».


People Analytics Business Supercharger award 2016

Hosted in London, the annual People Analytics Conference has rapidly become one of Europe’s largest HR analytics events. This year the conference convened more than 300 delegates from 30 countries and 200 different companies — a growth of 80% since last year. As part of the event, a panel of outstanding experts with long experience in the field voted for the best planning solution provider. When announcing the Business Supercharger award, the panel explained their choice like this:

“Dynaplan’s workforce planning solutions are creating business impact.” You can read more about the award here.

Dr. Kai Berendes receiving the People Analytics award.  

Dr. Kai Berendes receiving the People Analytics award.


Our Strategic Workforce Planning solutions help customers worldwide tackle a wide array of challenges. Dynaplan and its partner, Korn Ferry, has supported Omantel, Oman’s first telecommunications company, in developing a SWP model to answer key strategic questions such as:

  • How will the workforce demand develop in the coming years in the context of the industry’s fast changing strategy?
  • What is the best way to achieve the target composition of national versus foreign employees?
  • What is the best long-term strategy to develop internal capabilities in key jobs, and at the same time fulfil the workforce demand in the short term?

The project used benchmarking as an input to the modelling process. As a result, Omantel was able to assess current workforce performance, and use it as a starting point in their simulation scenarios. In order to tackle a broad array of strategic questions, the modelling team used Smia’s scenario and rolling forecast features to explore and compare impacts, balancing short and long term impacts, and establishing a strong foundation for strategic initiatives.


HR Library 2016

The HR library is the basis for our SWP solutions. It brings together all our experience about good and right workforce modelling in a solid computational core that can support a wide range of SWP projects.

The new version comes with an entirely new user interface, inspired by contemporary card layouts, and optimized for tablets with touch screens as well desktop computers.

An SWP model requires entering historical records, assumptions about things we do not control, and making decisions for shaping the future. All this means that a fair amount of input needs to be given. The user interface now indicates to the user through a traffic light system whether a table is correctly filled, and even in which cell the error occurs. The information is consolidated in an overview, reducing the time it takes to validate inputs.

The analysis section now features consolidated top five overviews for each KPI, to help identify hot spots that require deeper analysis. This allows the analyst to focus limited time on the most critical job clusters. Additional KPIs enable more thorough analysis than in previous HR library versions.

Support for scenario comparison has been given a major boost with a dedicated section. The charts are optimized to display clearly, with only the critical information needed to compare two or more scenarios.

In addition to the new user interface, we have worked hard to optimize the computational core of the library. The HR library is now much faster and requires less memory than before.

New cockpit design for our HR Library  

New cockpit design for our HR Library.

Smia 1.4.1

The upcoming release of Smia, version 1.4.1, provides updates and improvements that supports all stakeholders in the planning process. Here are some highlights:

The modeller

On the engine side, support for both self-referencing arrays and function components has been improved. For the view, the modeller can now customize the analysis mode behaviour of the «Compare to» functionality, and the handling of synced page dimensions has been made more flexible as well.

The planner

Smia 1.4 significantly improved scenario handling of metadata changes, and this continues into 1.4.1. Rolling forecast, data import, and library reload have all been strengthened.

The decision maker

Support for high DPI displays like Microsoft Surface tablets has been improved further, and DPI change while Smia is running (like when you plug a standard projector into a Surface) is now supported as well. In addition, diagram graphics scale much smoother when zooming. Finally, the HR library that many of our solutions are based on has received a cockpit overhaul and functionality expansion, which you can read more about in the HR Library section of this newsletter.

Those are just some of the improvements we’ve put into Smia 1.4.1. As usual, there’s also a number of bug fixes. See the version history after the release for a full overview.

Tips & tricks: Editing input tables

We strive to make the input tables in Smia models as flexible and intuitive as possible. It should be easy to import data from databases, as well as individually editing the data.

For instance, this is the case when inputting employee records in our SWP models.

To add another line in the records, right-click in a cell and select «Append | Dimension row». This will expand the row dimension, which is a common dimension for the input variables time, job cluster, location, birthday, age and employees. You can also insert lines in the middle of the table with the equivalent «Insert | Dimension row» command, or remove them with «Delete | Dimension row».

If the dimension supports expansion, you can also add another line by pressing Tab or Enter while in the bottom-right cell of the table.

The same type of functionality can be found in our SWP models’ input records for hiring, motion, relocation, and retirement.

Append dimension row to table  

Append dimension row to table.

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