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December 2017

Caring for people — taking care of complexity

This year, as every year, the Norwegian language institute invited radio listeners to suggest the word of the year. Most years, a funny or positive word makes its way to the top, but for 2017, the word of the year is «trakassering»; the Norwegian term for harassment. Much thanks to the #MeToo movement, focus is set on the harm of bad business culture and behaviour. Going into the holiday season, let us remind ourselves of the real values in life: respect, kindness, and care.

Thanks to all our customers, employees, and partners for good co-operation in 2017. We look forward to addressing strategy and planning needs together in the coming year, governed by an unanimous sentiment: we care!

Happy greetings,
Your Dynaplan team

  • Impressions from the 7th Dynaplan convention
  • HR practice group, 15 November in Munich
  • Dynaplan on social media
  • Agile planning — speed is not enough
  • HR Match is a new and simpler way to SWP for midsized companies
  • Network assistant that helps you troubleshoot problems preventing you from accessing resources in the cloud

Impressions from the 7th Dynaplan convention

The 7th annual Dynaplan convention was a multi-facetted experience, starting with an early-morning introductory crash course in strategic workforce planning, delivered by our leading experts in the field. – Extremely useful, a participant exclaimed on his way to the main part of the convention.

Thanks to everyone who contributed well prepared and engaging presentations. Among the main learnings were the clarifications of the roles of technology (chip) and people (mind) in the context of strategy. In the market place, we saw examples of how our customers address different aspects of SWP, such as dealing with competencies, cost, planning within different organisational structures, and connectivity to HR Suites like SuccessFactors.

Following a «running dinner» (if you don't understand what that means, join us next year to find out) some of us said good bye, while others stayed over to the next day to take part in the SWP practice group, where we shared experiences, ideas, and new developments of technology as well as methods.

Whether you have participated every year, or if you are a newcomer to the Dynaplan community, we offer you the standard greeting when our paths separate at the end of a Dynaplan convention: – See you November next year!

HR Practice Group, 15 November 2017

Once again, the HR practitioners met to exchange their experience, discuss stumbling blocks, and develop relevant solutions in the realm of strategic workforce planning. Extending the discussion from the convention the day before, they had a closer look at integrating competencies and labour market data into the SWP approach, at the benefits of automatic threshold based risk analysis, and also at handling the most relevant SWP stakeholders inside the organisation. Many thanks to Stadtwerke München, the host of this event.

Dynaplan on social media

Dynaplan has joined the online community on LinkedIn to connect with you as our customers in a more engaging way, and grow our community in general. We plan to have regular updates on activities, such as our convention or conferences we attend, publish articles on relevant topics, as well as share information about new solutions that might be of interest to you. To make sure you are the first to hear about any developments, follow us on LinkedIn, and form part of our online community!

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Agile planning — speed is not enough

Strategy development is where the greatest ideas — and the greatest mistakes — are born, setting the targets for agile planning to aim for. Speed is not all; without a solid strategy behind it, agile planning can just as well become an instrument for making our mistakes faster.

The relationship between agile strategy development and agile planning can be critical also outside the business context. Winter is the time for activities on ice and snow in the North. If you are into off-piste skiing, you will know that it is not enough to plan your path at high speed from one obstacle to the next. To manage risk, you first need to inspect the entire mountain to identify an overall strategic path that can take you safely down from top to bottom.

Going into the new planning year, it is important not to neglect the S in strategic planning.

Read the full article on agility 

HR Match

The big HR challenges arising from increasing digitalisation and changing demographics are affecting any type of business, no matter the size or location. Whether you are knee-deep in a transformation program, face talent or skill shortages, or ‘simply’ want to reach your strategic goals, our approach to strategic workforce planning (SWP) has been successful in providing insights into HR-related risks and enhancing strategic decision making in this VUCA world.

However, midsized companies often face the additional burden of limited resources, especially when it comes to strategic planning. Therefore, we have developed a lean, off-the-shelf solution that is easy to implement, but that still hosts powerful features. It comes with our refined scenario simulation feature, offers automatic risk analysis, and allows you to share the planning results with important stakeholders inside your company.

HR Match is made for midsized companies who would like to launch SWP at high speed and with low effort. It is a first step in our evolutionary solution and can be further developed during an advanced modelling session. Please contact us if you wish to get more information.

HR Match has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface  

An intuitive and easy-to-use interface gives access to a powerful scenario engine, with all the underlying logic safely hidden just under the hood. Complexity is taken care of — not by removing it — but through graphical layers with possibilities for drill-down.


Network assistant

Computer networks are great — when they work! The road from your PC into cyberspace has many potential barriers, many of which are installed by the IT department to secure your organisation’s infrastructure and information. Sometimes the connection is broken due to misunderstandings relating to user names and passwords at different stages of the process. Other times the problems are due to a wrong configuration of your proxy, or it can be that your firewall is blocking access.

These, and many other network issues, will be easier for our customers to detect and resolve in the upcoming Smia release. In Smia 1.6 we have added a Network assistant; a wizard that will help you solve most network issues you might experience. Some of the more complex operations are now automated, making the process of diagnosing and fixing problems much easier. Getting the correct proxy settings has often been a challenge, and we have put extra effort into solving this. In case the wizard is not able to solve your issues, a standardised feedback system will assist you with contacting Dynaplan support, helping us to help you.

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