Dynaplan Smia version 1.5.1

Written by Mr Magne Myrtveit.

Dynaplan Smia 1.5 introduced data sharing, an extension to our cloud solution for model sharing. With data sharing, customers can transfer data between models, backup and restore data on-line, consolidate data from multiple sources, and so on. Smia 1.5 also provided improved support for contemporary simulation cockpit design.

Dynaplan Smia 1.5 service release 1 is primarily a patch release for Smia 1.5, re-enabling the «Restore scenario» feature for models stored by Smia 1.5. Smia 1.5.1 also contains improvements to network error detection, recovery, and reporting, making communication between Smia and web services, such as our Shared model service and SAP’s XMLA service for connectivity to SAP BW, more robust and problems easier to diagnose.

Smia’s connectivity to SAP/BW passed SAP’s certification in May.

We recommend all of our customers to make the upgrade from Smia 1.5 to Smia 1.5.1.

Dynaplan Smia is SAP Certified

To see the full list of improvements and fixes included in this release, please see the version history.

Feel free to visit the suggestions page whenever you like to request new features for upcoming versions.


If you have an existing version of Smia installed on your computer, upgrade to the new version is done automatically when you start Smia, unless you have switched off Look for software updates each time application is started. See EditOptions…Startup.

In case automatic update is disabled, you can start it manually from HelpLook for software updates….

In case you have already uninstalled Smia from your computer, or if you are installing Smia for the first time, you need to download the setup file from Downloads. Then run the setup programme and start Smia. Follow the instructions provided on the screen to activate Smia.

See the forum for more details or asking for help.


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