Dynaplan Smia version 2.0.1

Dynaplan Smia 2.0 service release 1 is ready for download. In this version, we’ve taken our gaming feature online, allowing users to participate in workshops where they compete and learn in a simulated environment from the comfort of their home office.

The data import feature has been expanded to handle metadata changes, error reporting has been improved, and performance has been enhanced in several areas.

A new, compatible version of the Smia app for iOS will also be released shortly. It includes all the relevant improvements from the desktop version.

As the world remains forced to work from home whenever possible, more tools for online collaboration and learning are needed. Smia has long allowed users to take on specific roles in simulated companies and play games where they try to navigate the complexities of the virtual environment to produce the best outcome, having fun and learning a lot along the way. However, the feature required a local area network, restricting its use to in-person workshops. Now, we have ported this functionality to an online platform, allowing for virtual educational gaming sessions for anyone with an Internet connection. Watch for gaming workshop announcements from us and our partners on our event page.

Our other main focus with this release has been to polish and improve the features of Smia 2.0. To that end, we have made quite a lot of improvements, for the benefit of our three main user groups. Here are some examples:

The modeller

The reference scenario can now take on a much more prominent role in cockpits, as chart items and tables can be set to shift their displayed data based on which scenario is now the reference. The model doesn’t even need any scenarios present to set this up, so cockpits can be pre-configured with scenario comparisons to a much greater extent.

The planner

Importing data from other Smia models now allow for updating the metadata of the importing model, allowing for much greater flexibility in collaboration model setups. Importing from Excel and CSV has also received improvements, in user interface and the intelligence of merging imported data into the model. The new out of bounds error window is non-blocking and dockable, and it allows you to correct errors inline for input variables, or otherwise locate the exact cell where the error occurs using the dimension subscripts now displayed in the window.

The decision maker

The dynamic number format adjusts decimals and significance to the value clusters you’re looking at, tailoring the view to the optimal settings no matter the situation. Looking through large spreadsheets are now significantly faster.

These are just some of the new features we have included in Smia 2.0 service release 1. To see the full list of improvements and fixes, please see the version history.

Feel free to visit the suggestions page whenever you like to request new features for upcoming versions.


Please download the setup file from Downloads. Then run the setup programme and start Smia. Follow the instructions provided on the screen to activate Smia.

See the forum for more details or asking for help.

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