Impressions from the 7th annual Dynaplan convention

The 7th annual Dynaplan convention was a multi-facetted experience, starting with an early-morning introductory crash course in strategic workforce planning, delivered by our leading experts in the field. – Extremely useful, a participant exclaimed on his way to the main part of the convention.

Thanks to everyone who contributed well prepared and engaging presentations. Among the main learnings were the clarifications of the roles of technology (chip) and people (mind) in the context of strategy. In the market place, we saw examples of how our customers address different aspects of SWP, such as dealing with competencies, cost, planning within different organisational structures, and connectivity to HR Suites like SuccessFactors.

Following a «running dinner» (join us next year to understand what that means) some of us said good bye, while others stayed over to the next day to take part in the SWP practice group, where we shared experiences, ideas, and new developments of technology as well as methods.

For participants, material and pictures from the convention can be found at the event page for «Mind over chip». Thanks again to Stadtwerke München for hosting our convention so nicely, contributing to the fact that people sign up year after year.

Whether you have participated every year, or if you are a newcomer to the Dynaplan community, we offer you the standard greeting when our paths separate at the end of a Dynaplan convention: – See you next year!

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