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September 2017

Mind over chip

Chess has changed status from being a game to becoming a sport; a race of brains.

It is no secret that chess computers can beat chess players – at chess. In all other areas, even a child can outperform a chess machine.

It is the rule, rather than the exception, that humans create tools that outperform their maker. But it is also part of the picture that humans defeat a tool in any area that the tool is not made for. This is also true for current hot areas: analytics, automation, and digitalisation.

The high rate of innovation that we experience today opens up new opportunities for shaping our future. We can leave driving to technology, once self-driving cars reach a satisfactory performance. But the destination of our trip is our decision to make, just as it is our responsibility to implement future scenarios with room for the values we believe in.

We at Dynaplan hope that you all had a nice summer, and that your batteries are now fully charged. Remember to sign up for the 7th annual Dynaplan convention. This time our focus is on the division of responsibility between people and technology in the context of planning.

Hoping to see you 14 November in Munich!

Your Dynaplan team

  • 7th Dynaplan convention: Mind over chip, on 14 November in Munich
  • HR practice group the following day
  • Financial controlling
  • Demystifying Strategic Workforce Planning through gamification
  • The Dynaplan cloud – fast and secure
  • Model and data sharing – making collaboration easy
  • Understanding Smia health card messages

7th Dynaplan Convention 2017: Mind over chip

Shaping the future workforce for business success

Join us in Munich, 14 November, to share new trends and good strategic planning practices at our annual convention, this time hosted by Stadtwerke München.

Among the highlights on the programme, we’d like to mention:

  • Easy and effective collaboration between stakeholders.
  • Integrating mission critical competencies and job clusters.

The convention will be in German, with just a few contributions in English.

For our clients who do not speak German, we invite you to meet us at:

Dynaplan presents at the next Global HR Fest in Brussels 4-5 October 2017

For our second time participating in this event, we will be introducing our vision of the future of SWP practice. The topics to be covered include:

  • Experiencing the impact of digitalisation with scenario simulation at Dutch Railways.
  • Beyond your GAP analysis: Assessing the impact of HR policies before implementation.
  • Strategic management of competencies: Seeing the forest for the trees.
  • Demystifying SWP with gamification.
Read more on the Global HR Fest website 

HR practice group

The day after the convention, HR practitioners will meet to further develop a common understanding of strategic workforce planning and surrounding topics, as well as discuss challenges, best practices, and other learnings. The main topics will be integration of competencies, as well as involving critical stakeholders (such as HR business partners) in the planning process. As usual, there will also be best practice cases presented by members of the group. Press the button below to join the free HR practice group for customers only on 15 November in Munich.

Sign up for the HR practice group 

Financial controlling

Dynaplan continuously advances its business simulation solution in financial controlling.

During the last years, we have implemented and further developed a controlling solution for ZF Friedrichshafen AG together with our partner PMC The Performance Management Company. Jens Kopp, director of corporate finance, IT, and M&A at ZF Friedrichshafen AG, will present the latest development stage of this solution during the Controlling & Management Forum in Stuttgart (18 and 19 September). In particular, he is going to present a simulation-based approach for functional KPI target setting, linking controlling and operational planning together.

Already preparing the next step, we are currently working on the Controlling Taster, a solution that demonstrates capabilities of simulation-based approaches for sharing financial insights among stakeholders.

See the agenda for the conference 

Demystifying Strategic Workforce Planning through gamification

Using simulation models to explore the future, analysing policies in scenarios, deriving measures from quantitative analyses – all of these activities bring enormous value when it comes to planning. However, more often than not, they are relegated exclusively to the domain of data analysts. The typical explanation? Such tasks demand too much time and work to be efficiently used by managers. At Dynaplan we believe this is a myth. Using simulations for planning must be within the domain of the management level. The question then becomes: How to break this myth?

To test our hypothesis, a simulation based SWP game was set up to introduce SWP for a management audience. In a one-hour session HR managers and business managers used Smia for iPad to interact with a full-blown SWP micro world. The participants were able to analyse different future scenarios, introduce policies, and quickly link several SWP concepts together into a winning strategy.

The conclusion of the session? Gamification turns out to be an engaging and effective way to break the myth; management can indeed use simulation for Strategic Workforce Planning.


The Dynaplan cloud – fast and secure

Dynaplan’s website and web services are now hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), with all data stored on servers located in Frankfurt. As a result, data and models stored in the Dynaplan cloud are protected through a wide range of standards and certifications designed to secure data in the cloud. In addition, the speed and availability of our cloud is improved, thanks to our new web host and the effort of our own cloud masters.

Dynaplan is now on Amazon Web Services

Model and data sharing – making collaboration easy

Involving the right people is an important success factor in the development, communication, and implementation of strategic plans. Our technology is designed with a level of flexibility that allows it to be adapted to the customer’s planning process, and not vice versa. Whether your organisation is structured as a matrix, by function, or in any other way, it can easily make use of our shared model and upgraded shared data concepts for collecting information, developing plans, sharing insights, and communicating measures in a safe and productive cloud environment.

Tips & tricks

Understanding Smia health card messages: Value domain errors

It does not make much sense if someone enters a negative value for the current number of employees. Smia has a useful feature to catch values that simply do not make sense.

If a value falls outside its valid range (value domain), Smia catches the situation, and pops up the health card to inform you of the problem. Below are two examples of value domains that can be used for variables:

  1. Between 0 and infinity for FTE values
  2. Between 0% to 100% for percentages
How can you resolve value domain errors?

The health card lists any variables in error. Smia also displays a warning symbol in the charts and tables where a variable with an error is shown. The symbol has the form of a red warning triangle with a car driving off a quay and into the water; clearly not the right domain for a car.

Value domain error

  1. Check the last change you made in model input. If you reverse the change, does the error disappear?
  2. Check if the variables that pop up in the health card are supply related or demand related. This will give you a hint as to whether you need to change demand or supply side inputs.
  3. For the supply side, check that given outflows for retirement and leaving do not try to move more FTE out of the stock than what is initially in the employee records.

Finally, if you can’t resolve the error yourself, check with Dynaplan model support.

Go to Dynaplan model support 

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