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August 2014

Dear user,

It is summer and temperatures are high. Our planning challenges are ongoing and hot too, and therefore we would like to provide you with news from the Dynaplan community. The business press (Handelsblatt July) is announcing «the golden 20s» — in general growing economy, but aging workforce as a main limiting factor.

The first half of 2014 has been full of events and highlights: Together with you, our users, we organized a cross-company HR user training, the 3rd HR practice group was held in Schwäbisch-Hall on topics like interpretation and analysis of simulation results, and in the spring we presented Smia 1.2 with many useful improvements and new features.

The second half of the year will be dominated by our Dynaplan convention in November. We look forward to welcoming you in Frankfurt a.M./Seeheim at the Lufthansa Group to discuss the topic «From the sandbox to the boardroom - Gamification in business planning».

The next day two practice groups on the topics of HR and Controlling will take place in parallel. If you are interested in participating in these events, please contact us on contact@dynaplan.com or visit our webpage.

Today’s content

  • Successful HR practice group
  • Register for the 4th Dynaplan convention
  • Successful introduction of SWFP at Techniker Krankenkasse
  • Managing the energy transition at EnBW
  • User’s guide for Analysis mode
  • Tips and tricks: How do I copy & paste information about dimensions and equations of variables?

We wish you a relaxing and enjoyable summer break.

Your Dynaplan Team


Successful HR practice group

Once more, Smia users met to discuss pitfalls and their solutions within the strategic workforce planning process. This year, the HR practice group was held on the premises of Bausparkasse Schwäbisch-Hall. The focus of the discussions was on methods and formats for analysis and interpretation of simulation results, as well as the transfer into specific fields of action.

We are looking forward to another HR practice group on the 13th of November 2014 at Lufthansa Group in Frankfurt (application here), the day after the Dynaplan convention in Seeheim.


Register for the 4th Dynaplan convention

On the 12th of November we are happy to welcome you to the 4th annual Dynaplan convention, this time at Lufthansa. Expand your knowledge about the concrete value of our solutions. Sit down with our clients to discuss how they successfully bring scenario simulation in HR and Controlling directly into the boardroom. Join us in solving planning puzzles with strategic workforce planning, and balancing risks in Controlling with dynamic business planning. Meet other Smia users in the field and share good practices.

Incorporating contributions from Lufthansa, Österreichische Bundesbahn, Bayer Materials Science, University St. Gallen and others, we will cover the following topics:

  • Trends in performance management (University St. Gallen)
  • Integrated planning
  • «Board room ready» Smia solutions
  • Marketplace
  • New features of Smia
  • Development outlook including a hands-on session with the new Smia app

Please visit our webpage or send us an email to contact@dynaplan.com with your contact details to register.

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Successful introduction of SWFP at Techniker Krankenkasse

Techniker Krankenkasse has successfully completed the project «Introduction of Strategic Workforce Planning (SWFP)» in July 2014.

In the final workshop, the line units and the HR unit were able to identify first important insights and fields of action. Gernot Backhaus, Head of HR Management, stressed the «always most constructive and goal-oriented cooperation with Dynaplan in every phase of the project». In particular, the participation of the divisions in the increasingly important issue of long-term strategic workforce planning could be easily and comprehensively achieved, and the complex cause-and-effect relationships were adequately represented in the Smia planning model.

From the first quarter of 2015, Techniker Krankenkasse will start with an annual SWFP-cycle.


Managing the energy transition at EnBW

The politically motivated phase-out of nuclear power production in Germany within the next 25 years brings along some big challenges for the producers. EnBW has decided to address the long-term issues related to strategic workforce planning with a simulation model. The model is oriented at life cycle of nuclear power plants, providing high transparency regarding the staggered shutdown of different sites. With this approach HR is enabled to truly use the dynamics of the demographic development in an optimal way for the transition phase.

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User’s guide for analysis mode in Smia

In the past, Smia has only provided a manual for power users, which is related to building a model. With Smia 1.2 you will also find a user’s guide for analysis mode. The manual describes basics of navigating through Smia models, working with charts and tables, and managing and documenting scenarios. The user’s guide can be found in the menu bar under Help | Contents and can either be viewed directly in Smia or printed as a pdf document. Dynaplan is continually working on the development of the manual and will update the document in future releases.


Tips & tricks

How do I copy & paste information about dimensions and equations of variables?

To copy the dimension or equation of a variable to another document, just open the model browser, locate the variable of interest and right-click on «Copy information» or «Copy equations». You can then insert the information into another document, such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

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