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November 2014

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Strategic Workforce Planning is increasingly perceived as a future topic, and presented as a tool that enables HR to operate as a «business driver». Accordingly, there was a lot of resonance, as well as interesting discussions, from business practitioners and Smia users on our 4th Dynaplan Convention at Lufthansa in Seeheim (Frankfurt/Main). Both St. Gallen University and companies like Österreichische Bundesbahn (ÖBB) and Lufthansa Cargo AG presented planning solutions with Smia. The next day two events were held in parallel: The HR Practice Group met for the fourth time to discuss HR solutions. Also, experts in the area of controlling met for the very first time to discuss stumbling blocks and solutions in business planning. Going forward, both practice groups will meet twice a year, next time in Leverkusen sponsored by Bayer Material Science.

The excitement continues in 2015: After working together for the last year, delivering unique Strategic Workforce Planning solutions, we announce the global partnership with Hay Group. In addition, with our new release 1.3 we are continuing to work on simplifying inputs and outputs, as well as presenting Smia as a «boardroom ready» solution.

Today’s content

  • 4th Dynaplan Convention
  • HR Practice Group
  • Successful inauguration of Controlling Practice Group
  • Global partnership with Hay Group
  • Launch of Smia Release 1.3
  • Tips and tricks: Can I update the time dimension of scenario variables when performing a rolling forecast?

Your Dynaplan Team


4th Dynaplan Convention

We were delighted to welcome so many participants at this year’s Dynaplan Convention and to take part in many exciting discussions.

The 4th Convention was held in Seeheim/Frankfurt a. M., where experts in HR and controlling exchanged ideas about how to successfully bring scenario simulation into the boardroom. ÖBB, Lufthansa, and Bayer Material Science contributed by giving insights into best practice approaches in the fields of Strategic Workforce Planning and Dynamic Business Planning. In the evening everyone enjoyed dinner and a wonderful atmosphere at the LH Training Center in Seeheim. Thanks to Lufthansa Group who hosted this great event.


Successful HR Practice Group

Simulation was the ever-present theme of our latest HR Practice Group, which was held at Lufthansa Flight Training in Frankfurt. Surrounded by flight simulators, about 30 participants exchanged ideas on how to design job clusters, and how to structure a dialogue on HR insights and measures. We are pleased with the strong interest and the enjoyable exchange. Next year we will meet again in May 2015, this time hosted by Bayer Material Science in Leverkusen, followed by a Smia intensive training on May 7th.


Successful inauguration of Controlling Practice Group

Seven participants gathered for the very first Controlling Practice Group, which was hosted by Lufthansa Cargo AG. The participants defined principles for collaboration within the group, and then went on to discuss practical solutions to issues such as streamlining data gathering, validation of complex models, and scenario analysis. We are happy with the interest in the group, and the open exchange. We believe that the launch of the group marks the start of a valuable arena for knowledge exchange in the area of controlling. The group will meet twice every year, with the next meeting in May 2015, hosted by Bayer Material Science in Leverkusen.


Global partnership with Hay Group

For the last year, Dynaplan and Hay Group have worked together to offer unique strategic workforce planning solutions to clients. By working together, we can deliver better scenario simulations for our clients, support strategic workforce solutions worldwide and integrate more international market data.

Hay Group is a global management consulting firm with more than 4,000 people working across 125 countries. They are a leader in helping organisations get their people strategy right and achieve their objectives. We announced the partnership globally in November and look forward to joint projects and a successful cooperation.

For more information, please contact us on contact@dynaplan.com, or visit www.haygroup.com.


Launch of Smia Release 1.3

We proudly present our new Smia release 1.3, with a lot of helpful features for Smia users. The main innovation is the easy way of handling historical data in simulations, and using this data to estimate future assumptions. Further added features are:

  1. Identifying changes in spreadsheets by colouring cells
  2. Restoring changed values back to their originals
  3. Reference scenario concept makes it easy to highlight differences between the model and a chosen scenario
  4. Charts and tables maintain their dimensions even if metadata are changed
  5. New functions for estimating parameters of a triangular profile from data, as well as several other functions
  6. It is now easy to import and keep metadata up-to-date based on Excel or CSV files
  7. Subset member selection dialog
  8. Point-and-click as well as drag-and-drop to insert name, value, description etc. into documentation or labels

A technology preview release has already been published (see downloads), and the official release will come right before Christmas.


Tips & tricks

Can I update the time dimension of scenario variables when performing a rolling forecast?

In our rolling forecast dialog there is an «Update scenarios» option. When this option is turned on, dynamic scenario variables will get an updated time dimension when you press «Roll forecast». This way you can ensure that the time horizon of scenarios and model are in sync, making it easier to compare model and scenario variables in charts and tables.

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