Open position at Dynaplan as System Analyst

This position has now been filled.

We are looking for a new System Analyst to strengthen our solution team. You will be responsible for executing client projects, including running workshops, building models and supporting our customers with strategic planning related to workforce and finance.

We have challenging international customers with individual needs. You will be part of a small, but highly skilled team. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are therefore essential. Working knowledge of spoken and written German, as well as English are required.

Our employees enjoy a great deal of flexibility, including the chance to work out of their home offices. Our virtual office approach with hubs in Norway and Switzerland gives flexibility and freedom for our employees and lessens the burden from commuter traffic on our environment. On the other hand, the virtual office requires that you are driven by integrity, internal motivation, discipline, and ability to organise your own work.

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Some Dynaplan colleagues
Some Dynaplan colleagues

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