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September 2018

Shaping and living — scenarios and agility

Outside my window, nature is re-coloured with autumn colours, making a splendid view in shades of green, red, and yellow, under a blue sky, and mirrored in the silver surface on a lake.

Our annual Dynaplan convention is less than two months away. The preparations for it started many months ago here at Dynaplan and by our host AOK. This year our focus is on reshaping the future workforce and living the adventure.

We chose this topic because we believe that

  • planning without agility is dangerous, since the world is VUCA, while
  • agility with poor planning exposes us to risk, risk that can turn the adventures we want to live into nightmares.

Together, shaping and living can create organisations that are both robust and agile at the same time.

We do look forward to seeing as many as possible of our readers at the convention in November, where we will enjoy the colourful Dynaplan community and share and grow our insights into important topics.

  • UNLEASH World Conference & Expo
  • Dynaplan Convention
  • HR practice group
  • HR Match at Bruderhaus Diakonie
  • Learning about the future — Evolution of SWP at Deutsche Bahn
  • News and announcements
  • Tips & tricks

Meet us at the UNLEASH World Conference & Expo, 23–24 October in Amsterdam

The world’s largest gathering of HR leaders & HR technology is just around the corner. A must for those of you who like to always be ahead and get to know the latest developments in HR technology. We will present our new Dynaplan HR Match solution — the fast track to SWP. Visit our branded kiosk or contact us for a meeting slot in Amsterdam.

8th annual Dynaplan Convention — Tuesday 13 November

As we are getting closer to our yearly convention, we would like to share some more details about the programme and speakers, as well as our convention flyer (only available in German).

We are proud to welcome David Green, one of the key influencers in the field of people analytics worldwide. You have probably seen some of his blog entries already. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet him in person and join the discussion about trends in people analytics and the link to SWP.

One key driver of our convention is the idea to learn from other use cases in our community. This time we are happy to listen to Deutsche Bahn and Schaeffler about the integration of external market data, as well as SWP governance.

The integration of data is still one critical success factor for the simulation of scenarios. During the networking event in the evening 12 November, the day before the official start, you can learn about the updated interface between Dynaplan Smia and the SAP content for the implementation partner Cubeserv. The networking event will also include a winter barbeque.

As you can see it is really worth arriving already in the evening the day before and be part of the networking. To help you with the logistics and make it easy to get there we will provide optional shuttle service from Frankfurt airport to the convention centre (AOK Hessen Bildungszentrum).

Get your seat for the Dynaplan Convention and join our community. The main language for the convention will be German, with some presentations in English. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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HR practice group — Monday 12 November

Join us on 12 November, the day before the convention, for the next HR practice group. Like the convention, it will be hosted by AOK Hessen in Homberg Ohm. As always, we will follow the successful recipe with ingredients including sharing best practices from one practitioner to another, discussing current challenges with the strategic workforce planning setup, as well as developing and refining according solutions together. This event is exclusively reserved for Dynaplan customers.

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HR Match in Bruderhaus Diakonie

The care sector is facing big challenges these days. The requirements for the respective institutions change significantly with the demographic and technological development. At the same time, finding qualified employees is getting more difficult. In order to address those and similar strategic questions, Bruderhaus Diakonie is setting up strategic workforce planning with our HR Match solution. The foundation takes care of over 10,000 people in Baden-Württemberg (DE), and is active in care of the elderly, care of the disabled, youth welfare, as well as social psychiatry. We are very proud to count them as our customer.

Learning about the future — Evolution of SWP at Deutsche Bahn

A new article about the evolution of strategic workforce planning is published in the current issue of the magazine Personalführung 09/2018. Claudia de Andrès-Gayón and Stefan Kotkamp of Deutsche Bahn, together with Kai Berendes, describe how they have developed the approach of strategic workforce planning against the background of new requirements in the field of digitisation and agile organisations over 3 development levels.

Two points in particular stand out: On one hand, there is constant improvement in the efficiency of the ongoing operation of the important planning function. Here, for example, the new Dynaplan Shared Models are used to facilitate coordination between the stakeholder groups. On the other hand, the quality of planning models is increased through a stronger qualitative discussion, for example to include new competences in areas affected by changes in a lean and fast process to support transformation.

In conclusion, the authors highlight the importance of strategic planning, especially in times of uncertainty. It is not about predicting the world as accurately as possible, but about preparing for possible developments or, in other words, learning about the future. The simulation of scenarios thus becomes a key function for agile organisations.

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News and announcements

Our R&D activities involve both software developers and consultants. HR Match, mentioned earlier in this letter, is a solution where developers and modellers work together to create a standardised SWP solution, aimed especially at aiding smaller and mid-size organisations in getting started with SWP.

The development of the core technology, Dynaplan Smia and the associated web services, is an on-going process. Dynaplan is continuing its significant investments to make innovations that help customers be agile in order to deal with both known and yet unknown challenges, and opportunities waiting around the next corner.

In parallel with the development of new releases, the development team has devoted significant resources to prepare step changes in the way our solutions are delivered and accessed, and in the way our customers can organise their work. The Smia 2.0 release, planned for November, will be based on a new software architecture, opening new short- and long-term possibilities for running your Smia models on new platforms.

In the wake of the introduction of GDPR, focus on security is strengthened, not only regarding processing of personal data, but also all information security related questions. At Dynaplan, we already have very strong features for protecting models and data from unauthorised access. We are continuously improving the security of our technology and processes. As an example, we plan to offer customers multi-factor authentication for access to customer data at

Tips & tricks

Communication through colours — Smia’s multi-layered colouring feature, accessible from the palette button.

Communication through colours — Smia’s multi-layered colouring feature, accessible from the palette button.

Colouring identity

For sure, all our readers are accustomed with how colours can be assigned to slides in PowerPoint, text in Word, and cells in Excel. Similarly, Smia’s «Normal colouring» mode allows modellers to assign custom colours to tables, charts, boxes, arrows, etc. One of the many uses of normal colouring is to visualise the Smia model in the customer’s corporate colours.

Colouring substance

Typical Smia models — whether the topic is SWP, controlling, health or something else – contain a large number of variables. It can be challenging to inspect large models, to understand the meaning and status of each variable, and to perceive the relationships among groups of variables.

The «Content colouring» mode is made possible through Smia’s strong support for measurement units and currencies. In this mode, you can easily identify the different kinds of “material” your model is built up from, and follow the cause and effect chains and transformations of information from one substance to the other. A set of conventions are defined as a basis for the colouring, with possibilities for the user to add and modify colours as desired.

In our experience, 5–9 colours are all you need to cover the main measurements used in most models. It is good practice to document the meaning of each colour inside the model, as illustrated.

Colouring quality assurance

«Review status colouring» is used to assist quality assurance. Here a traffic light metaphor is used.

Review status colouring: Quality assurance by colours in Smia  

In the review status mode, you can easily identify which parts of the model you need to review. We recommend that no model is taken into production unless all equations are reviewed and approved.

Colouring history

The two last colouring modes use the colours of the rainbow to represent how recently a variable was created or modified. It gives you a very quick overview of the “hot” areas of your model, i.e., areas that contain new stuff or recent changes, and the “cold” areas, where equations are settled and not changed for a long time. Together with the advanced search function, this can help you identify recent changes to your model, and even who to talk to if you want to discuss a particular change.

Colouring of history in Smia  

With this glimpse into Smia’s colouring models, we wish you new insights into your models, and a colourful autumn!


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