Strategic personnel planning with scenario simulation

The current global financial situation has impacts on most companies. It is no longer possible to plan for the future by making small adjustments to the figures from last year.

With Dynaplan Smia customers can develop and test out strategies for dealing with changes in the business and its environment. Together with Malik Management Zentrum, St. Gallen, Dynaplan As offers the technology, methods, and services businesses need for assessing short-term and long-term consequences of different strategies for dealing with the current crisis.

Every crisis calls for action. With the current financial crisis rolling over the planet, managers are looking for ways to navigate their businesses in ways that limit short-term losses without throwing over board the capacity to regain momentum when the situation changes.

Dynamische Personalplanung mit SzcenariosimulationIt is dangerous just to focus on cost cutting in order to find quick ways to improve the bottom line. The cost of labour represents a significant fraction of total cost for many companies. Hence, it is tempting to implement cost cutting mainly by reducing head count. The short-term effect is that payroll goes down. However, the mid-term and long-term situation of the company can become severely damaged by the side effects of aggressive reductions in staff.

It is a valid claim that the main capital of any company is its employees. Excessive staff reduction can lead to degradation of the employee portfolio.

There are no simple answers to what is the best strategy to meet the current crises. The consequences and side-effects of different actions are hard to grasp due to delays, feedback, non-linearities and general uncertainty about the future course of the economy. In the midst of the complex and opaque situation, managers are faced with the reality and must make decisions today that will have effects not only for tomorrow, but for months and years into the future.

With Dynaplan Smia decision-makers can build micro worlds of their business and its environment, and create scenarios portraying future possibilities and ways to act. Together with Malik Management Zentrum, St. Gallen Dynaplan is providing software and services for Strategic Personnel Planning that goes beyond business as usual and into strategic decision-making in highly complex and dynamic situations.

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