Technical support overhauled

Our platform for technical support has received a big overhaul. You'll notice that the user interface has been updated. It is now mobile-friendly, with a look-and-feel consistent with the rest of our website. Technical support is now using the same modern framework that is running most other parts of our website, providing increased security and maintainability.

The main functionality of technical support has proved to work well, after being in active use for more than 15 years without big changes. Therefore we have chosen not to change the functionality in any major way, and you should feel right at home in the overhauled ticket system. We have, however, made lots of smaller changes and improvements that we hope you will enjoy, for example when it comes to search and filtering, the text editor, and attachments.

Creation of technical support tickets from inside Smia has also been improved. It is now possible to upload attachments, for instance the currently open model, when you create a ticket. To create a technical support ticket, please go to Help | Help us improve... inside Smia. If you experience issues while working with Smia, please do not hesitate using this functionality to let us know.

Technical support 

Technical support

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