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Warning about Excel-Freaks!

"(…) Hinzufügen und Löschen von Zeilen und Spalten führt leicht zu Fehlern in den Formelbezügen“, führt Dr. Häring, Ökonom und Wirtschaftsjournalist, am 29.04.2013 im Handelsblatt aus. Eindrücklich zeigt er eine Liste von prominenten Excel-Opfern auf.
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Upgraded quality and efficiency during the daily operation due to SMIA BI connectivity

Evonik Industries GmbH is successfully using Dynaplan Smia for their strategic workforce planning. The new BI (Business Intelligence) connectivity features allow for an even higher quality and efficiency when loading new data into the models. Furthermore, simulation results can now easily be shared via existing intercompany MIS dashboards. Discover the full story...
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Release of Dynaplan Smia version 1.0

Dynaplan is proud to announce the release of Dynaplan Smia version 1.0 on November 8, 2011.

Users with a valid service and maintenance agreement can install and upgrade to this version at no extra cost.

Watch the video presenting this new release.

With this release Dynaplan enhances its input functionality with a full-diagram spreadsheet and a floating spreadsheet window that displays the current selection in editable tables.
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Be glad if you are not a programmer

Last Sunday I spent the whole day trying to figure out why the 64-bit version of Smia showed different results than the 32-bit version. To my big surprise, the error was due to a design decision by Microsoft.
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Smia project receives award

The forum "Managing demographics" was held in Frankfut am Main September 22, 2010, addressing demographic challenges from different angles. Together with six other participants, Evonik received the best practice award for its Plan@HR project.
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ASCO-Award for HR-dynamics project

June 1, 2010 the Swiss Association of Management Consultants (ASCO) awarded the certificate "Excellent Business Transformation" to the project "Plan@HR - Strategische Personalplanung mit Weitblick".

The project improves the balance between the global personnel planning and the business needs of Evonik Industries AG.

"The right worker at the right time at the right place" is the objective for this strategic personnel planning project. The project relies on Dynaplan Smia for scenario simula…
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Use case - Workforce Planning project at Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank has together with Malik Management used Dynaplan Smia as the simulation technology for creating what they label an "Intelligence Amplifier for Business Partners".

Read the full article by clicking on the image at the right. Text is in German.
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How some real-world spreadsheet errors could be avoided using Smia

For some years now I have been monitoring the postings of the EUSPRIG. It strikes me that many of the risks of using spreadsheets would be greatly reduced or even completely removed if spreadsheets would use built-in quality measures similar to those found in Smia.

Obviously, many spreadsheet models fail due to human mistakes. The pity is that spreadsheets allow users to make mistakes that modelling software could have - and should have - prevented automatically.
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Selected papers on simulation and modelling

Here is a small collection of papers dealing with technical and conceptual aspects of simulaton and modelling.

The papers are written prior to the development Dynaplan Smia. Smia supports many of the concepts introduced and described in these papers, and adds many more.
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Strategic personnel planning with scenario simulation

The current global financial situation has impacts on most companies. It is no longer possible to plan for the future by making small adjustments to the figures from last year.

With Dynaplan Smia customers can develop and test out strategies for dealing with changes in the business and its environment. Together with Malik Management Zentrum, St. Gallen, Dynaplan As offers the technology, methods, and services businesses need for assessing short-term and long-term consequences of different st…
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