Download Dynaplan Smia

Dynaplan Smia for desktops (Windows only) is an application for creating and running advanced simulation models. It can be easily connected to corporate databases and HR suites (like SAP BW via our certified web services).

Efficient and secure collaboration, sharing, and distribution of models is supported via our unique model sharing solution option, which in addition, opens up the possibility to run models using Smia App for iPad.

To make use of the software, you need a licence:

  • To build your own simulation models and to connect to external data, you need the full featured enterprise licence.
  • There is also a free, executive licence. With this licence you can perform analyses on ready-made models which are made available for your organisation or for the public.

Getting started with Smia is very easy. Just follow these steps:

1 Download the installation program

Download the installation program that matches your platform by using one of the download buttons below.

This page refers to
Dynaplan Smia 2.2 Service release 1

2 Run the installation program

Start the installation program and follow the instructions.

3 Activate Smia

The first time you run Smia on your computer, you will be guided through an activation process:

3.1 Create or select user account

If you are already registered as a user at, Smia will ask for your e-mail and password.

Smia will help you register if you do not already have a user account.

3.2 Create or select software licence

A Smia licence is linked to your user account and cannot be used by others. During the first start-up, Smia will ask you to choose which of your licences to use.

If you do not have a licence already, you can let Smia create a free executive licence for you. Just one executive licence can be created this way per user account.

Once the software is activated as part of the first start-up, your licence will be tied to the computer, and cannot be used on other systems.

4 Use Smia

After successful activation, you are ready to go. Enjoy!

Mr Magne Myrtveit

Mr Magne Myrtveit
Chairman & executive partner