Support forum

Here you can get help from the Dynaplan community on questions and issues you might have about Dynaplan Smia. Do not post information here that should not be public. Please use technical support or model support for that.


Forum for discussing terminology and translations of Smia's user interface and predefined modelling objects into other languages than English.

Installation and activation

Having troubles with the installation or activation of Smia? Then you've come to the right place!

Object oriented modelling

Exchange of questions and answers relating to components, templates, clones and user-defined component functions.

Array modelling

Arrays are useful in many models, but the syntax is not always easy to figure out. Here is the place to discuss arrays and their use.

Dynamic simulation

This is the place to discuss system dynamics and the simulation features of Smia.

Risk and uncertainty

Here you can discuss the role of stochastic processes, random functions and statistical distributions in models.

Sensitivity analysis

Sensitivity analysis is a quick way to create and compare scenarios. Here is the place for exchange on this topic.


This forum is set up for discussions about global and local optimization.


Here is the place to discuss how scenarios can be used to create and compare the consequences of different assumptions in your model.

Data exchange with Excel

Experiences with import of values (and formulas) from Excel can be shared here.

Multilingual models

Here is the place to discuss issues relating to multilingual models.


This is a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences with interactive "micro worlds"


This is the place to discuss things that do not fit in any of the other categories.

HR measures portfolio

This is the forum for discussion points relating to the HR measures portfolio. You can raise questions, give feedback and also add new ideas with respect to the collection.

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Mr Frank Kolden

Mr Frank Kolden
Developer, Q&A